Nova Roleplay - Server Rules

You may find information about the server rules & regulations concerning Nova Roleplay in this section here.
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1. Fear Roleplay (FRP):
  • If your character's being placed under a life-threatening situation, adequate fear must be portrayed accordingly.
  • Depending on the threat level should be reflected by the amount of fear your character should show. 
  • If you are being directly put under Fear RP and the attacker lowers his weapon to type, you will still be under Fear RP.
  • Failure to roleplay fear according to the threat level imposed on your character will result in a violation of this rule.
2. New Life Rule (NLR):
  • In a roleplay scenario that follows a character's death, the party directly involved in the death should cease to remember the events of that certain event. 
  • People involved shouldn't be directly stating a character's death to that individual.
  • It is important to roleplay your character's death as something they cannot remember or talk about.
  • Anything after the 30 minutes before the death, should still be in your character's memory and you can carry on any roleplay from any scenarios that occurred before the 30 minutes leading up to death.
3. Metagaming (MG):
  • Using Out of Character (OOC) information and using it In Character that affects your roleplay.
  • Using other platforms like Discord, Teamspeak and Skype to relay information that is strictly IC is considered Metagaming, if you are relaying information that you are finding out in character.
  • Any information obtained through OOC means should not be used in-character at all.
  • Mixing falls under this rule, it is strictly forbidden to use information gained from your alternate account or even mentioning it about it to someone else.
  • Server Rules should not be implied over IC chat or VoIP.
4. Character Creation & Transferring Assets:
  • When creating a character it is important that you keep it as realistic as possible, this includes your character's name, looks, and hobbies.
  • For example, a police man for a side hobby wouldn't be involved in gang activities and going to shootouts with them.
  • If your name is deemed unacceptable by a moderator or up, you will have no option, but to change it.
  • Roleplaying your character to be racist is acceptable if it is all done through in-character means and not taken OOC! However, if it is taken OOC and done to impact the person, not their character you will be punished.
  • If a player asks you to stop being Racist ICly through OOC means you should stop and restrain from using it around that person.
  • When gaining assets you should only use IC means to obtain these and never use out-of-game means to get it.
  • Transferring assets between accounts are not allowed and is considered real world trading.
5. Power Gaming (PG):
  • Power gaming is broken once an RP scenario becomes one sided and RP has been predetermined by one party, This could be from forcing roleplay in /do or performing actions without proper roleplay.
  • When in government run factions all nonrelated faction duties should not be performed until they are off duty as this can be considered PG.
6. Hacking & Exploits:
  • Players are forbidden to use any form of 3rd party software that gives them an advantage in game.
  • Using bugs to gain an advantage is not allowed, as well as server scripts.
7. Advertising & Slander:
  • Mentioning any server or hinting at it within Nova Roleplay will result in a punishment.
  • This includes Nova Roleplay discord servers, ingame pms or /bs, as well as speaking of it in character.
  • Bringing up a player's history on other roleplay stories within Nova Roleplay will result in punishments.
  • Slanders any member part of Nova Roleplay is not allowed.
8. Deathmatching (DM):
  • Enough IC motive or previous actions should be considered before putting the opposite player under Fear RP.
  • Demands must be given if the victim is not aware of it being a hostile situation.
  • When entering a hostile situation, deathmatching rights are already active, however hostile situations should be dependant on these main points:
  1. Active Shootout where shots have already been fired.

  2. A heated exchange between rival gangs where enough small altercations have happened.

  3. Interactions that include reporting you to the police or being robbed.
  • If the victim has complied with the demands and are roleplaying under Fear RP the aggressor should only be able to shoot if enough altercations within the last 2 hrs give him reason too.

9. Ruleplaying:
  • Interpreting or manipulating the rules to your advantage is considered Ruelplaying. This includes performing unrealistic actions, due to it not being considered a rulebreak.
  • A few examples of Ruleplaying to help you understand this rule:
  • Purposely staying at a distance where the attacker cannot deliver your demands as you keep moving away when the attacker comes closer.
  • In “High speed” criminal chases, you intentionally slow down knowing that your attackers can deliver valid demands to you.
  • You intentionally drive to a No Crime Zone when being chased by a rival gang.
  • Ruleplaying is very interpretive and is dependent on the Roleplay Scenario, this means each case will be dealt with separately.
10. No Crime Zones:
  • No illegal activity should be done within this area. Examples of this:
  • Gun Selling
  • Drug Smuggling
  • Shootouts
  • Robberies
  • No Crime Zones are to prevent crime, not using it as a safe haven from chases or bolos.
  • A few examples of a NCZ are LS Bank, DMV, Pillbox, LSPD and many more.
11. Non Roleplay (NRP):
  • Promoting unrealistic actions that portray poor roleplay standards.
  • NRP is mainly decided on how realistic your actions are and how you roleplay out scenarios. Here are some examples:
  • Using the whisper command to reach unrealistic lengths.
  • Convoying in a populated area with more than 5+ vehicles.
  • Robbing a victim in an RPly populated area
  • Wearing items of clothing that you can't see (OOCly).
  • Shouting when you are injured.
  • Each case will be reviewed differently, however, measures will be put in place to prevent inconsistencies. 
  • Once involved in an RP scenario that involves a police chase you will have to wait at least 15 minutes after the situation to log out of the server.
12. IC and OOC interactions:
  • All IC actions should be treated as an in game issue unless a rule is broken, you should not bring your IC feelings out of the game and use it against someone.
  • Using a 3rd party recording software is OOC and should not be mentioned ICly like, “I have body camera footage of that”.
  • Please refrain from going into /b and only use it to inform people with specific information like rulebreaks.
  • Pausing RP scenarios is not allowed by any member of Nova Roleplay except from the staff team.
  • /me and /do should not be taken IC or metagamed. For example someone hiding an item in a location and then the officer using the /me and /do to go straight to that location to find it.
  • Players within a faction should not talk about the faction menu ICly as this is purely OOC management for your faction.

13. Player Theft, Prison Breakout, and kidnapping:
  • Robberies should be conducted in a realistic manner where, the location, the time of day, and the risk to reward ratio.
  • Prison Breaks should be moderated by a senior moderator + and permission will need to be asked to perform this RP scenario.
  • It is important you are not conducting Thefts, Breakouts, or kidnapping from RP Scenarios that are an extremely low reward for the amount of risk involved.
  • Using a hostage should be organic and have strong roleplay behind doing soo. We do not accept just taking a hostage from the street without any prior RP or reasoning.
  • Robbing a player with the (NEW PLAYER) tag is not allowed unless they are involving them in illegal activities.

 ((The staff team and support team are here to help you with your Roleplay so please feel free to use the Nova Roleplay discord or these forums to ask any questions about the rules or how you can improve your roleplay.))