Faction Discord Guidelines

Before creating a faction thread and discord please read through our guidelines, and make sure you follow the requirements to the best of your ability.
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General Information:
Nova Roleplay factions are required to have a faction discord that is structured the same as the guidelines we have mentioned below. If you wish to rename some of the channels feel free, however, it is required that the purpose of the channels are present. Make sure your faction discord is displayed in a professional manner as this reflects upon the Nova roleplay community.

Rules should still be followed within this discord, including using the right channels for their correct purpose as well as following rules such as  Metagaming. If caught metagaming in your faction discord you will be punished and could impact your faction drastically.

Discord Server Rules:
The server rules on the official Nova Roleplay discord should be followed in any Nova Faction Discord.
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Discord Server Structure:
Server Name: [NVRP] (Faction Name)
Example: [NVRP] Vagos , [NVRP] Russian Mafia , [NVRP] Los Santos Police Department

Nova Roleplay is an English-based roleplay server, so please refrain from speaking other languages or naming other channels that are not in the English language.

Make sure you have reached out to Faction management so they can invite other FM and Handlers to your discord.

Roles & Colors:

Faction management:
  • Administration Permissions.
  • Access to every single channel in the discord.
  • Should be displayed separately from members.
  • Should be displayed at the top of the discord.

Faction Handler:
  • Access to the faction command channel.
  • Should be displayed separately from members.
  • Should be displayed below faction management.

Discord Channels:

The top of your discord should display the Nova Roleplay discord Announcements and Updates.Image
General Channel:
  • NVRP-Announcements [Public]
  • NVRP-Updates [Public]
  • Welcome [Public] Optional
  • NVRP-Logs [Private] Optional
High Command: [Private]
  • Faction-Command-Channel  - This channel will be used to communicate between faction management/handlers and high command.
  • Report-Logs : Channel to keep track of your members’ forum reports
  • Player-Logs : Keep track of new members' Panels (All members of your faction).
  • Admin-Logs : Channel to keep track of your current members’ new admin logs
  • Roster : An accurate and updated member roster for your faction.
  • [Voice] Faction-Command-Meetings : Used for faction manament meetings.
Faction Members OOC Area: [Private]
  • Announcements
  • Chat
  • Media
  • Leave-of-Absence
  • Faction-Thread-Templates
Public: [Public]
  • Public-Announcements (Used to announce updates and posts on your faction threads).
  • Public-chat
  • Public-media
  • Code-0
  • [Voice] Public-Call

If you have any questions about creating your faction discord, please reach out the a member of Faction Management.
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