Becoming An Official Faction

This section will provide information on how to reach an official status as a faction.
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General Information:
The Faction Management deals with all criminal and legal factions, and helps guide/support them in progressing there faction.

Receiving Handlers For My Faction?

Having handlers for your faction is the first step to becoming official and progressing your faction. To reach out to get handlers you will need an active thread for at least a week with a detailed main thread and a couple of stories.

Little effort threads and barely any roleplay displayed will result in not achieving handlers.

Once you are eligible please reach out to a member of faction management on discord and they will decide whether or not the faction team will joining your factions discord.

Official Status:

Meeting the Criteria:

Nova Roleplay will value IC interactions and how your gang is ICly to decide whether you achieve official or not. The in-game "cartel" will be the judge of this decision and only a small OOC factor is taken into consideration.

OOC Criteria:
  • Must have an ACTIVE faction thread for 1-month at least.
  • Unique posts including character stories.
  • More than one person should post on your faction thread.
  • Rulebreaks should be kept at a minimum.
Having a positive attitude as a faction and respecting other gangs OOCly should be something you strive to achieve, as this will affect your chances of official status.

Benefits Of Becoming Official:

Depending on what faction you have created will depend on what benefits your faction will receive.
  • There are many opportunities and unique roleplay official factions can partake in. Being able to have access to unique scenarios and assets that can progress their faction further.
  • There will also be further opportunities factions can work towards when achieving official, this should give official factions something more to work towards, instead of just trying to maintain their status.
Please reach out to your faction handlers to apply for the official status.

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