Player Report Requirements

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Player Report Requirements:

If you have been involved in a severe loss where a player breaks a rule to do so, please follow the Player Report Requirements listed below. It is important to have a 3rd party software on Nova Roleplay, as when making a player report evidence is required for us to proceed with the investigation.

Please take into account that reporting a player should be your last option and only left for severe losses or serious rule breaks. Any reports made that are petty will be denied instantly, as we do no promote "Report Wars" or the "Save Pov" attitude. However, if rule breaks are not sorted out in-game through the report system or is taken OOC too much, feel free to make a player report too.

All evidence that you provide in your report should be Unedited and show the full interaction without hiding any evidence. If the footage is over 48hrs old the report will be denied as we only review reports made within 48hrs of the rule break.

((Please bare in mind the Player Report Section is completely OOC and should not be taken IC!))

Make sure you have read through the Nova Roleplay rules again to confirm your decision to report that particular person, as well as using the Player Report Guidelines to format your report. If you do not follow the report guidelines you will be prompted to do so or your report will be archived within 24hrs of the post being up.

Player Report Guidlines:

Code: Select all

Your characters name: (Answer)

Player(s) being reported [Name or ID's]: (Answer)

Unix timestamp [At the bottom left of your screen]: (Answer)

Specific rule broken: (Answer)

Explain how the player broke the rule (200-word limit): (Answer)

Relevant Evidence of rule breach: (Link Here)

Did another player witness this rule break? (Please provide any extra evidence they may have)

The reported player being informed to save their pov: (Screenshot Here)

As soon as a report is posted please remain patient and our moderation team will review and investigate. Please do not tag staff or spam them if it is taking awhile for them to respond, as most likely it is still being put under review.
Once a decision is made if you feel like the decision is injustice and believe it should be reviewed by another member of staff please make a decision appeal.