Ban appeal

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Character name(s):Dimitri Mandoojev
Admin who issued punishment: Matty
Date of punishment:27-02-2022
Punishment received: can't see
Reason given for punishment: Matty says proof of ESP
Your explanation of what happened: I have legit done nothing, There is no log for ESP and the server doesn't even have a screenshot function. I have not ESP'd or anything else that is claimed. There is no suchs logs for ESP in the rage community
Why should your appeal be accepted?:I have done nothing wrong. I was legit doing my jobs as asked
Post any evidence or further details:
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Thank you for posting an appeal.

Your actions & behavior were monitored by multiple staff members, logs are not the only concrete type of evidence required for determining if one's cheating and regardless that you would think that Rage Multiplayer itself does not have any scripts that prevents cheating, servers themselves may have their own anti-cheat scripts and you were flagged by our anti-cheat system and your behavior made it absolute that you're not here to play the game fairly rather you would refer to a third party advantage to gain an upper hand over others. We do not allow such actions in the server at all, and your actions have made it very clear to us that you're simply just not going to be contributing to the server in a positive way.

Appeal is denied.